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Donnerstag, 21. Dezember 2017

The commuter

The Commuter

This movie will be in the theaters as of Jan 12th 2018. Some scenes are shot on a to me well known line - the Metro North's Hudson Line. Reading through imdb and wikipedia shows that they started filming in the UK and wrapped up shooting the movie in New York.

The first familiar piece I glimpsed while watching the trailer was a Westchester Sheriff's car at minute 1:32

There were more scenes before that, but I didn't realize, that there are more familiar places. Hence, I rewinded and watched it again.

And look, we have more:

At 0:23 you can see the bridge south of the Station Croton-Harmon, which crosses the Croton Bay - where the Croton River enters the Hudson. The must have taped that scene in the late afternoon. The sun sets there in the West. You can see stunning sunsets very frequently from the train when you ride home at night. 


Minute 1:20 shows a southbound running Hudson Line Express train in Ludlow / Yonkers. I thinks that industry building is a sugar refinery. 


An explosion on a train can be seen at 1:39 and the tracks are definitely Hudson Line again however, I am not exactly sure where exactly. My best guess would be Scarborough with seeing the lights of SingSing in Ossining in the back. But I am not sure...
What I am pretty sure about is, that this train is completely CGI-ed, and not only the explosion. I never saw such a train run here. 

The inside of rolling stock which can be seen in many scenes, is nothing I saw on a Metro North train so far. That does not mean, that this is not MTA stuff. Maybe older cars they used to shoot those scenes? 

Whatsoever, I am looking forward to this movie - maybe in the entire thing, one can spot more familiar places around Westchester and the Hudson Valley!

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