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Freitag, 8. Juni 2018

Uncommon announcement

Usually Metro North's conductors follow a straight forward announcement template when they speak through P.A. to the people in the train.

This morning, the arrival notice for Grand Central Terminal was a bit off the norm - other commuters in the coach mentioned, that it is his last day at work today, that's why he's so excited. Let me try to remember what he said (Dan on train 830 - 710am from Cortlandt to Grand Central):
Alright folks, we're arriving at the iconic landmark of New York: Grand Central. Please make sure that you look up the racks and around you to gather all your belongings. If you leave it and we find it, it takes in average 2 weeks until you can get it from the "Lost and Found".
Have a wonderful Friday, this is Big Apple. New York, New York.

Dienstag, 5. Juni 2018

And Action! Filming with train!

Another day whith the John Wick setcrew on site in Grand Central Terminal. Today the tracks 34/35 with the platform inbetween is in the center of attention. A lot of extras are standing there and a train is used to simulate an approach. This scene is taken 2 times (at least in the time when I was there).

A Scene where a train arrived and people heading towards the main hall:

This scene needs another take. The train pulls out into the tunnel and the extras are in position on the platform again. After a while, the train approaches again:

Montag, 4. Juni 2018

And Action! Still filming.

More scenes are captured to make "Jon Wick 3".

Today's set it in the walk down ramp to the lower level. Sad: I had no time to film the scene-filming by myself.

Sonntag, 3. Juni 2018

And, Action! Filming at Grand Central Terminal.

While heading home on Sunday night to catch the 9.45pm train to Poughkeepsie, I ran into the set of "John Wick 3" where they were shooting a scene that apparently takes place in a train station. If not actually in Grand Central Terminal.

Many, many people were involved - alone 20+ NYPD Police officers where securing the site along with private security and set-hands.

The only famous fellow I spotted was Keanu Reeves himself. In that scene, he walked with a grumpy face through the crowded train station. (I do that every morning - I wish someone would pay me for that ;)

Half of the main hall in grand central terminal was dedicated to the filming crew. However, I had a chance to tape one take with Mr. Reeves and all the accompanying extras from far away with my phone. Like many others did as well...

The movie will hit the theaters on May 17th 2019. You already find some trailers on youtube...

However, not sure if there is an official one already.

Donnerstag, 22. März 2018

Toronto Union Station

Long time, no blog post.

Ich hatte in dieser Woche die Gelegenheit Canadas groesste Stadt, Toronto, zu besuchen. Ich waere gerne selber per Bahn gefahren, immerhin gibt es eine taegliche AMTRAK-Zugverbindung von hier (Croton) direkt nach Toronto. Aber da es eine Dienstreise war und Zeit Geld ist, war es schwer zu rechtfertigen 12h Zugfahrt gegenueber 1h Flug zu buchen.

Toronto CA, Union Station

Egal, ein kurzes Bahnerlebnis war mit gegoennt. Ich konnte den Airport Express "UP" benutzen, der Torontos Union Station mit dem Pearson International Airport verbindet. Der Zug faehrt 3x pro Stunde und kostet knapp $13 CAD fuer einen Erwachsenen, ein Weg.

Leider hatte ich keine Zeit mich ein wenig ausfuehrlicher im Bahnhof umzuschauen. Aber auf dem Weg vom Haupteingang zu den Bahnsteigen des "UP", konnte ich ein paar Fotos schiessen.

Die Fahrkarten wurde vor dem Einstieg kontrolliert.

Was mir gerade auffaellt... UP - der Flughafenexpress verbindet Union Station und Pearson Airport. Und am Flughafen geht's fuer gewoehnlich "up into the air". Da ging sicher viel Marketinghirnschmalz drin. Sowas mag ich!

Donnerstag, 21. Dezember 2017

The commuter

The Commuter

This movie will be in the theaters as of Jan 12th 2018. Some scenes are shot on a to me well known line - the Metro North's Hudson Line. Reading through imdb and wikipedia shows that they started filming in the UK and wrapped up shooting the movie in New York.

The first familiar piece I glimpsed while watching the trailer was a Westchester Sheriff's car at minute 1:32

There were more scenes before that, but I didn't realize, that there are more familiar places. Hence, I rewinded and watched it again.

And look, we have more:

At 0:23 you can see the bridge south of the Station Croton-Harmon, which crosses the Croton Bay - where the Croton River enters the Hudson. The must have taped that scene in the late afternoon. The sun sets there in the West. You can see stunning sunsets very frequently from the train when you ride home at night. 


Minute 1:20 shows a southbound running Hudson Line Express train in Ludlow / Yonkers. I thinks that industry building is a sugar refinery. 


An explosion on a train can be seen at 1:39 and the tracks are definitely Hudson Line again however, I am not exactly sure where exactly. My best guess would be Scarborough with seeing the lights of SingSing in Ossining in the back. But I am not sure...
What I am pretty sure about is, that this train is completely CGI-ed, and not only the explosion. I never saw such a train run here. 

The inside of rolling stock which can be seen in many scenes, is nothing I saw on a Metro North train so far. That does not mean, that this is not MTA stuff. Maybe older cars they used to shoot those scenes? 

Whatsoever, I am looking forward to this movie - maybe in the entire thing, one can spot more familiar places around Westchester and the Hudson Valley!

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