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Sonntag, 3. Juni 2018

And, Action! Filming at Grand Central Terminal.

While heading home on Sunday night to catch the 9.45pm train to Poughkeepsie, I ran into the set of "John Wick 3" where they were shooting a scene that apparently takes place in a train station. If not actually in Grand Central Terminal.

Many, many people were involved - alone 20+ NYPD Police officers where securing the site along with private security and set-hands.

The only famous fellow I spotted was Keanu Reeves himself. In that scene, he walked with a grumpy face through the crowded train station. (I do that every morning - I wish someone would pay me for that ;)

Half of the main hall in grand central terminal was dedicated to the filming crew. However, I had a chance to tape one take with Mr. Reeves and all the accompanying extras from far away with my phone. Like many others did as well...

The movie will hit the theaters on May 17th 2019. You already find some trailers on youtube...

However, not sure if there is an official one already.

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@nobleundshawn hat gesagt…

Excellent! Also, since I was there, they have really cleaned up the station! Thanks for the pics!

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