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Freitag, 8. Juni 2018

Uncommon announcement

Usually Metro North's conductors follow a straight forward announcement template when they speak through P.A. to the people in the train.

This morning, the arrival notice for Grand Central Terminal was a bit off the norm - other commuters in the coach mentioned, that it is his last day at work today, that's why he's so excited. Let me try to remember what he said (Dan on train 830 - 710am from Cortlandt to Grand Central):
Alright folks, we're arriving at the iconic landmark of New York: Grand Central. Please make sure that you look up the racks and around you to gather all your belongings. If you leave it and we find it, it takes in average 2 weeks until you can get it from the "Lost and Found".
Have a wonderful Friday, this is Big Apple. New York, New York.

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Unknown hat gesagt…

well, independently from the operator, they should more often change their annoucements in order to drag the attention of the passengers back.

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