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Freitag, 3. Juli 2015

Alternate Commute - Summer Experiment

I didn't buy a monthly ticket for July, since I won't be able to use it long enough due to two weeks of vacation.

Because of having a commute of about 2 hours sometimes, I want to try out some other routes to get to the Financial District. With local trains which drop me off before they enter Manhattan. That extends the travel time a bit but it also saves you some bucks.

I'am going to switch trains in Croton and then heading to Yankees to get a 4 train there which brings we right away to Fulton Street. 35 min does the schedule say - will see.

In theory the tour would look like.. 6.20 depart Cortlandt, 7.35 arrive Yankees, 7.45 depart Yankees 8.20 arrive Fulton.

Well, this is about 2 h train time without taking the bus into account which I use to get to Cortlandt station. And that bus is the most crucial part in my commute. Is the 14 a minute late, I am going to miss the 6.20 train and sit at the station for almost half an hour. That stinks.

Looking at the costs - comparing the monthly ticket prices - this route would save me $200 / month. Not bad on the first glance. But well, I think there has to be a downside - otherwise anyone would try to save money, right?

The additional portion of commute time doesn't bother me at the moment since I have to read a lot of stuff and can use the time. But I think I won't make this alternate route to the default.

I will check out different options in the next week - a tiny plus in the vacation budget will not harm.

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